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Requesting further review

The proper sequence should have been: Ask for more clarification in comments, and make suggestions The OP tries them and confirms what works You write an answer that details what turned out to be ...
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Seeking help versus outsourcing labour for free

You might have mentioned getting help with homework, and college assignments too. :) On the face of it, this site is designed to answer specific questions, and when it is used like that, I see no ...
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Requesting further review

Oh dear. There don't seem to be any winners here. I agree with Majenko that the first sentence of your answer would appear better put as a comment under the question. That is what comments under the ...
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User always tries to promote their product

Users are allowed post good, relevant answers that talk about their own product or website as long as they disclose their affiliation with the product or website in the answer. Overt self-promotion ...
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