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3-vote close - how's it going?

UPDATE: While the testing period has ended, this change has been well-received by the community so we have opted to not reset the votes needed to close/reopen to 5 while we look at data. Please let me ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can we change the close/reopen vote threshold from 5 to 3?

This SO Meta 'question' announces lowering of the close/reopen vote threshold from 5 to 3 on Stack Overflow. The answer to a question in a comment if it applies to other SE sites is this link, but it ...
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Voting to close a question, within a question, does not count towards your review total

Today I realized that if I am in a question and I vote to close it, for whatever reason (and I am not the first person to vote to close the question), it doesn't count towards my review count. That ...
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