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5 votes
3 answers

3-vote close - how's it going?

UPDATE: While the testing period has ended, this change has been well-received by the community so we have opted to not reset the votes needed to close/reopen to 5 while we look at data. Please let me ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can we change the close/reopen vote threshold from 5 to 3?

This SO Meta 'question' announces lowering of the close/reopen vote threshold from 5 to 3 on Stack Overflow. The answer to a question in a comment if it applies to other SE sites is this link, but it ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Voting to close a question, within a question, does not count towards your review total

Today I realized that if I am in a question and I vote to close it, for whatever reason (and I am not the first person to vote to close the question), it doesn't count towards my review count. That ...
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0 answers

Please delay your close vote on salvagable new questions

We, moderators of Arduino SE, noted that recently not suitable questions are closed really fast. While for many questions this is rightful, for some salvageable questions this happens before OP can ...
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