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What tags have syntax highlighting enabled?

As per How do we get syntax highlighting?, only the programming tag has the feature enabled. But I'm seeing that the tag arduino-uno also is highlighting the code, for example this question. Are ...
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Request to create the arduino-create tag

I've never requested a new tag before. I have a question about the Arduino Create site but there's no tag for it yet. It would be great if a tag like arduino-create or create could be made for ...
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2 answers

Add all board types to the Arduino Stack Exchange site as tags

I often have questions about the MKR GSM 1400 which I post on the Arduino Stack Exchange site. But unfortunately the closest tag for this is the MKR1000. Which is pretty similar, but not the same at ...
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2 answers

What is the process for deleting/merging duplicate tags?

What is the general procedure for deleting or merging tags that are duplicates/synonyms of other tags? As I understand, unused tags will get deleted automatically after a period of time. Where tags ...
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2 answers

Which tags need to be cleaned up?

The initial days of beta can be a little awkward for tags. This post is meant to be a community-wiki style list of tags that need to be cleaned up for cases where users (like me) don't have sufficient ...
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Extra tag that would be great if were included

I have recently posted about using a 2-Wire speaker with Arduino Esplora, however I couldn't tag it correctly because there was no arduino-esplora tag. The Esplora tag would be very useful in case ...
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Unable to see all the tags in the next tag badge

Maybe this is not the right place to ask this kind of question (sorry i this is the case). I'd like to know why in my Activity User Page, under the section Reputation, Next tag badge, if I click on ...
6 votes
2 answers

When should we use the C++ tag?

I've noticed that a new user (who admittedly has lot of rep on other SE sites) has been re-tagging some programming questions to include the c++ tag. These are the questions so far: Last element of ...
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1 answer

Processing, signal-processing and text-processing tags

Could we rename Processing (the language) tag to Processing-lang, and merge signal- and text-processing tags to data-processing tag.
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2 answers

Should we have an IOT or internet-of-things tag?

That's pretty much the question. Would it be useful to have an internet-of-things tag?
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1 answer

Can we nukify the "programming"/"sketch" tag(s)?

Okay, here's the problem: programming is really vague. I'd think it would be much more beneficial to use either c++/c/etc. Additionally, do you think we should keep the sketch tag, as it seems to be ...
4 votes
1 answer

Wire tag vs. wires tag

Wire is useful. "Wires" as a tag is not. I've edited the question that has wires and removed it (admittedly its replacement, wiring, is almost as bad a choice) but I still can't attach wire to a ...
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2 answers

Do something about [optimisation] tag?

I just noticed the optimisation tag, and two possible problems with it. "Optimization" is far more common than "optimisation" in both American English and British English, so it should probably be ...
8 votes
4 answers

Using board names as tags

Given that the site's focus area is Arduino, creating tags such arduino-uno does not seem to me, as ideal. I think that just the board name without Arduino prefixed to it is sufficient, as the Arduino ...
2 votes
2 answers

Tag by board or by chip?

The issue of using board names as tags has already come up in meta, but I was wondering about chip numbers? E.g. the ATmega328 at the heart of the Uno. There is technically a definite distinction ...
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0 answers

Should "Arduino Mega 2560" be considered a revision of the Mega board?

We have the tag mega. I am almost positive that the OP for the only question so far is referring to the 2560 version of the board. Should we rename it as arduino-mega-2560, leave it because most ...
7 votes
1 answer

How should board revisions be handled?

The boards undergo significant changes across revisions. Is there a need to create separate tags for the different revisions or should we just specify the revision in the question without having ...