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Comments deleted on a closed question

I noticed that some of my comments on a question of mine were deleted. These comments were answering (now also deleted) comments by someone who asked me about why I thought that the question is on-...
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I lost 100 reputation points

I was quite busy for a few months and did not have any chance to check Arduino Stack Exchange and when I open today I have lost near about 120 points I don't know why and there is a message Serial ...
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I have messed up my question what should I do now?

I have asked question recently in Arduino Stack exchange but I forgot to specify the problem clearly. I thought it is a problem with the Arduino's Seems like the question belongs to ...
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Edits not being approved/rejected for quite some time

I haven't been able to edit questions for a few weeks because "[I] have too many pending edits. Further edits cannot be submitted until prior edits have been approved". Has nobody been ...
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Can I post this question in the main site?

We are a small team working on a free open source Arduino playground. We would like to collect feedback from Arduino enthusiasts as well as beginners to make our project more useful. hence, we are ...
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What is the procedure for reopening a deleted post?

This question specifically refers to a deleted post New information ...
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Pin 13 chat room is frozen

A moderator can unfreeze it? (and the question wizard requires some more text)
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Moderator abuses, a case study. Why to introduce the "power of recall" on SE network

Final note: The new question has been deleted again while in the works by user animuson. Enough. Your question was closed because you're rambling on about a process that already ...
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Old questions appear in "active" question list

I sometimes get questions in my "active" question list that obviously aren't active. From what I can see with my reputation level those questions haven't been edited, answered nor are there any new ...
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What tags have syntax highlighting enabled?

As per How do we get syntax highlighting?, only the programming tag has the feature enabled. But I'm seeing that the tag arduino-uno also is highlighting the code, for example this question. Are ...
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Requesting further review

Mods - I'm writing this in Meta because the site is limiting me from writing out my full request. Please re-review my answer to this question.: First Arduino Uno - Immediate Problems A mod wrote "It ...
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Declined moderator flag

While another similar question was recently asked here on Arduino meta, I have a slightly different issue of declined flags, so I am starting a new question. I reviewed a first post, in this case ...
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Editor keeps making unwanted modifications to my answer

I'm not really sure where to ask for moderator help. @ChrisStratton is engaging in an edit war on my answer to Are clone-specific questions on topic for this site? because he doesn't like my (and, ...
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3 Total posts awaiting review

In my status bar on Arduino stackexchange (not meta) I see in the top bar a square, brown with 3 in it and hovering shows: 3 total posts awaiting review. However, if I look in the review list, all ...
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Does Arduino support embedded YouTube videos?

Over on Meta Stack Exchange, I am attempting to compile a complete list of Stack Exchange sites which support YouTube embedding. Searching on Arduino Meta, I was unable to find any discussion of ...
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Does Arduino beta have a community ad?

I realize beta sites don't have ads on the site, but I'd like to put one for the site on rotation at (they are being renewed for the year now). If not and ...
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How can I find a closed question?

Nightky Sin just posted a duplicate of his original question. I think I remember him asking the same question 2 hours after his first question. That question was most likely closed. So my question ...
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How to earn the Vox Populi badge,

The Vox Populi badge is described as :"Use the maximum 40 votes in a day". However I tried to get this one a couple of times now and I never got to more than 31 votes. Then I get the message "You have ...
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Featured Questions

There is no section saying 'Featured Questions' in the 'Unanswered Questions Tab'. How do I find those questions that have active bounties on them?
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What to do with my question which contained a wrong premise, as shown later?

I have asked a question: What happens to the sketch / memory when Arduino is powered off? In one comment a likely solution was found (DS18B20 returns 85 deg C after power up), which mostly turns the ...
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