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Should Arduino SE participate in the '1-rep voting' test?

Stack Exchange plans to test '1-rep voting': Reputation required to cast upvotes is changing from 15 to 1 Reputation required to cast downvotes is changing from 125 to 1 The 1 reputation cost to ...
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Congratulation to Majenko for reaching 100k reputation points

Congratulation to Majenko to be the first Arduino SE member reaching 100k reputation points. These points were collected on his 3,819 answers in 7 years and 5 months.
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I lost 10 reputation today. Our newest moderator, Juraj lost 510, Majenko lost 170. Who was the "deleted" user who was responsible?

When a "sock puppet account" up-votes other users, they should at least have the common courtesy to ask the "up-voted user" whether or not they want the reputation, before they ...
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User reputation leagues broken?

It looks to me as if the user reputation leagues are broken. To access them, one would go to the user list and hit the link labelled "weekly / monthly / quarterly reputation leagues" at the bottom. ...
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User rep discrepancy

I have noticed for several users that there is a difference in rep between the personal profile page and the Users overview page? I have noticed it for different users, one of which is myself. The ...
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