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Beta progress update (January 2016)

It's been a few months since your previous beta progress update, so I want to check in again. I'll start with the good news: you're continuing to do well on the primary metric for graduation, new ...
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Provisional Community Moderator Nominations [closed]

We already decided some attributes that the moderators should have, now let's start actual nomination. Actually, knowing Arduino too well is far from necessary. They should be knowledgeable, yes, ...
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Who will be the Moderator? What attributes should they have?

As you guys know, the Moderators are usually chosen at the end of the Private beta period. Seeing that we have minimum 5 days left, I think it is the perfect time to outline what we would like to see ...
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Please welcome your new pro tem mods!

As I mentioned in the Jan 2016 beta progress report, one of your moderators asked me about stepping down a little while ago because things were getting busier in his life outside of Arduino SE. ...
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Please welcome your new moderators!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated at the Provisional Community Moderator Nominations meta post. I may eventually be contacting additional users to fill more moderator slots, but I wanted ...
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Toxic moderation harms the community

Building community and fixing toxic communities have been a theme this past year on the network. I thought I would share my recent experience regarding this. I've been around SO since the beta, so I ...
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