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Comments deleted on a closed question

I noticed that some of my comments on a question of mine were deleted. These comments were answering (now also deleted) comments by someone who asked me about why I thought that the question is on-...
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How can I find a closed question?

Nightky Sin just posted a duplicate of his original question. I think I remember him asking the same question 2 hours after his first question. That question was most likely closed. So my question ...
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Should we not allow questions asking for tutorials?

I am starting to wonder if we should close questions that are asking for tutorials. These questions often lead to either link only answers or an extremely long answer. Should we close these questions?...
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When does a question ask for too much information/too specific, making it useful to a limited number of users?

This Arduino SE community has a more laid back scope than most sites. We have a fair number of shopping questions, which aren't allowed on most other sites. However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn'...
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