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Is syntax highlighting broken?

I usually use fenced code blocks in order to get code syntax-highlighted, as in ```c++ some C++ source ``` This used to work for quite some time. However, since a couple of days or so, it looks like ...
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Old questions appear in "active" question list

I sometimes get questions in my "active" question list that obviously aren't active. From what I can see with my reputation level those questions haven't been edited, answered nor are there any new ...
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CircuitLab Broken?

I mean, it's slow at inserting a schematic at the best of times - but for me the schematic editor just won't work today. It just sits there spinning its wheels when you try to insert the schematic ...
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Declined moderator flag

While another similar question was recently asked here on Arduino meta, I have a slightly different issue of declined flags, so I am starting a new question. I reviewed a first post, in this case ...
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Some tags that need fixing

ethernet-sheild: Misspelled. It should be renamed to ethernet-shield since there is no existing tag of that name. intterupt: Misspelled. Should be deleted because there is already an interrupt tag and ...
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Missing Favicon on Firefox

Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but The Arduino icon no longer appears on although it is on this Meta. I am using Firefox on macOS, and this probably ...
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Can the timeout on editing comments please be increased?

There's a 5 minute rule about editing comments. It should be more like 30. Some of us are slow thinkers, need to consult references, need time to review and edit our work, .... Buzzzzzzzzzzz your ...
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How to earn the Vox Populi badge,

The Vox Populi badge is described as :"Use the maximum 40 votes in a day". However I tried to get this one a couple of times now and I never got to more than 31 votes. Then I get the message "You have ...
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Unable to see all the tags in the next tag badge

Maybe this is not the right place to ask this kind of question (sorry i this is the case). I'd like to know why in my Activity User Page, under the section Reputation, Next tag badge, if I click on ...
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Are we in our own special time zone?

I thought SE measured time in UTC, but I just got notified that I had earned the "A New Hope" hat whose criteria are described as "ask, answer, or vote on December 18th" – as I write this UTC is 15:48 ...
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How come we are being asked to review 8-month old posts?

I saw the review queue blow out by about 20 extra items today. As I worked through the "new user's answer to an old question" I noticed that the posts themselves were quite old, for example: Notice ...
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Why isn't our Twitter account tweeting?

So we have a Twitter account, @StackArduino. However, it hasn't tweeted, has no profile picture, and isn't linked to anywhere. Why is this, and can the account be "activated"?
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3 votes
1 answer

New favicon doesn't show up in many places

We got a new favicon almost two days ago that looks like an infinity symbol. Unfortunately, this isn't showing up in a lot of places, including the dropdown: chat (including the icon on the tab): ...
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User reputation leagues broken?

It looks to me as if the user reputation leagues are broken. To access them, one would go to the user list and hit the link labelled "weekly / monthly / quarterly reputation leagues" at the bottom. ...
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User rep discrepancy

I have noticed for several users that there is a difference in rep between the personal profile page and the Users overview page? I have noticed it for different users, one of which is myself. The ...
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Halp! The favicon is faceless!

I have a Retina display, and the favicon is faceless, plain, and depressing everywhere I go. Can we please fix this? Easy Repro Steps: Open Chrome (haven't tested it on anything else) Zoom in (...
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