As you can see, the new site design just went live! At this point, we are done with major revisions to the design (although you can still report CSS/styling bugs by starting a new post and tagging it with and ). Thank you for your valuable design feedback.

I have enjoyed working with you to create this theme. Thank you for being engaged in the process, and I hope you enjoy the new design!

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    I browse pages of the site to enjoy the new design. :-). thank you.
    – Juraj Mod
    Jul 12 at 17:46
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    I very like the light teal for visited links
    – Juraj Mod
    Jul 12 at 17:56
  • 1
    Really appreciate your words @Juraj. I'm glad you like it :)
    – paintedbicycle Staff
    Jul 12 at 19:07
  • 2
    Very nice, thank you @paintedbicycle! Thank you for your efforts.
    – Nick Gammon Mod
    Jul 13 at 6:32
  • 3 LEDs at the very bottom of pages
    – Juraj Mod
    Jul 25 at 11:25

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even the 404 page is customized :-)

enter image description here

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    Cool! Amazing attention to detail!
    – Nick Gammon Mod
    Jul 15 at 8:06

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