I am trying to split my work to some small parts and ask some question about them o the Internet, for example I have tried to find some Arduino project for playing YouTube music on clubhouse form PC as you can see below:

About playing YouTube audio from my computer into Clubhouse (hack and DIY) [closed]

So I have asked it on the electronic SE site and the lifehack SE site and the Arduino SE site, and it has been recognized as Off topic question!, now If possible I like to find out some alternative Forum like SE or other SE site to ask this question.


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Your problem seems to be that this is not an open discussion forum. This is a question and answer site. You come with a specific problem and ask a specific question, and we answer it. Instead you seem to be asking general advice and "how to proceed" kind of questions that invite long-winded discussion.

Maybe the Arduino Project Discussion forum (https://forum.arduino.cc/c/projects/7) would be better for you.

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