This is more than likely an obvious question but I would still like to confirm my suspicion or perhaps I'm completely wrong and there could be something I'm ignorant about the processes behind StackExchange operations.

Cut to the chase, why isn't a logo or banner for this website? I know we're out of the beta stage but every SE branch out there that is not a beta has their own website (okay, I might have some confirmation bias but you know what I mean, right?). Is it due to the fact of possible copyright infringement if had their logo or pictures of their products on this website? I'm assuming that this place is an unofficial Arduino supported website so perhaps that could explain the lack of branding for this website. The main reason why I ask is to fulfill my own curiosity. I'm not suggesting a call for action or anything.

I mean, even Raspberry Pi SE has something for their website and they don't have the company logo for what I presume the same reason.


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It takes times for a theme to be developed, there is a intermediate stage where the beta skin is still used (without actual beta branding) while the graphics designers get around to taking it out of the backlog.


To add to Ratchet Freak's answer the Stack Exchange team wait until a site goes live (from Beta) before they even start on working out a logo and theme. And there is a backlog, quite a considerable one, I believe.

Looking on the bright side, the limits for privileges are not increased until the theme is developed. Compare us to Electronics Stack Exchange privileges for example.

So in many ways, it is in everyone's interests to have them take their time. You get access to somewhat higher moderation tools at a lower reputation level.


Just to back up what has already been said; Ethereum is an example of another site that has graduated from Beta who is also waiting on a logo.

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