There are still the usual new users, who, as they are unable to leave a comment, try to suggest an edit to the OP's question, in order to get their point on to the page...

I recently rejected this edit, which was by a third party, who did not have sufficient reputation to comment. The edit actually stated as much:

EDIT - Not enough points to comment...

I am programming it in Arduino IDE with C. Also, my hardware works fine. I've used it to do other things. The code is what I'm not sure what to do.

If one does not check the identity of the author of the edit carefully - against the identity of the OP - it could be assumed by the reviewer (in some cases) that the comment is from the OP (and hence legitimate) in which case, then the edit might be accepted.

As an aside, I am really not sure why new (and inexperienced) users with low reputation are allowed to edit, but not leave a comment, as a bad edit can do much more damage than a bad comment can... but that is a SE issue, in general, and not one that can be resolved on SE Arduino Meta.

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One argument could be that the OP can make edits without needing permission, so you should look more cautiously at suggested edits. It is effectively a red flag that this was not the OP. However I'm inclined to agree that if you can't make comments (yet) then you shouldn't be able to slip "comments" in as an edit.

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