We seem to be getting quite a few answers flagged as "not an answer". Whilst some certainly were not answers, others seem to be flagged simply because they didn't fully answer the question, or were a bad answer.

If we look at the pop-up box for flagging we see this:

Flagging dialog

Notice that the flag needs that the answer does not attempt to answer the question. Examples could be:

  • Gibberish
  • Someone saying they have the same problem as in the question
  • The original poster (OP) clarifying the question in an answer rather than editing the original question
  • Asking a new question as an answer
  • Someone seeking clarification of the question (this should be done as a comment on the question)
  • Someone commenting on one of the other answers

However these are not suitable for flagging as "not an answer":

  • Bad answers
  • Wrong answers
  • Incomplete answers

In these cases you, the user of this site, have options available to you. You can:

  • Add a comment explaining why you think the answer is wrong
  • Vote the answer down (preferably commenting why you are doing this, so that a third party will understand why an answer got down votes)
  • Post a better answer yourself
  • Is it only me or I want downvotes to be free after like 1.5k rep. The number of bad anwsers (including mine) are quite high. There is no real "close answer" so yeah... – Dat Ha Nov 4 '16 at 1:34

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