Could we rename Processing (the language) tag to Processing-lang, and merge signal- and text-processing tags to data-processing tag.

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What does data-processing mean?

Although it's clear what refers to -- and I agree with renaming that tag to clarify that it's about the processing language itself; tag and tag don't have any usage guidance. I'm leery of combining two already ill-defined groups of questions into another even less-well-defined group.

I took a look at the existing tagged questions, there's currently 25 questions tagged signal-processing and 9 questions tagged text-processing.

I can guess that would include digital signal processing techniques (within the Arduino's capability), as well as analog filtering.

Browsing the 9 questions tagged text-processing, it's not clear to me what this tag actually means.

  • how an Arduino program(sketch) deals with strings of text input and output?
  • how the C pre-processor processes the text of the source code?
  • how the Arduino-specific language elements work?

Is program-got-so-many-errors-about-expected-or-before-either really about text processing? Seems like this question turned out to be about why #define dw 8; should not have the semicolon. Similarly arduino-program-got-error-expected-primary-expression-before-token-error doesn't contain anything that looks to me like text processing.

What about this question about F() FlashStringHelper -- that's useful and related to how constant string expressions are stored in an arduino program, but probably belongs in instead.

And for that matter, why isn't How do I split an incoming string in text-processing when How to get string parts from string is? I'd edit it myself if I was sure what belonged in that tag.

So since has only 9 questions, and 0 followers, and it's unclear how these questions are related, let's instead:

  1. rename to processing-lang as proposed by @Avamander
  2. shore up with a clear tag wiki definition
  3. dispatch the 9 questions in to wherever they really belong (maybe ), then burninate .
  4. add [text] as a synonym for

Re-tagging individual questions is a straightforward edit, but without a clear well-defined definition of what the tag is supposed to mean, it's harder to find related stuff.

  • Done. (Although signal-processing still needs a description)
    – Avamander
    Feb 10, 2016 at 23:01

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