Wire is useful. "Wires" as a tag is not. I've edited the question that has and removed it (admittedly its replacement, , is almost as bad a choice) but I still can't attach to a question about Wire. I believe someone may need to nuke directly, but is there any way to prevent this from happening in the future?

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No one really can nuke . There is a system background process that is ran daily that cleans up tags without any questions.

  • Tag it so you can get it past the system (and it's much less ambiguous)

As far as what to do to prevent this from happening, I did this this:

  • Synonymize , because someone wouldn't type "wiring" when referring to the library. The system will automatically rename everything tagged "wiring" to "wires."

This way, if someone types wires or wiring, they will get wiring. If they type wire, it will have an option for "wire-library" and "wiring." This will fix the problem.

We should leave alone. It's way to ambiguous to be synonymized to one of the two types of wire.


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